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Unlatch will set you up for success.

Our service includes setting up your platform, training your teams, digitising and automating your sales contracts, and telephone support.

Unlatch will set you up for success

Rethink how you sell, thanks to our personalised support

Easy deployment

The account manager assigned to your company will guide you in your implementation of the Unlatch solution.

Staff training

We will guide your teams to make sure all your staff have a full grasp of the solution (training on your premises or by video conference).

Technical integration

Our technical team will guide you through the process of connecting our solution to your IT systems.

Customer support

When using our tools, you can contact our support team by phone or email so that you will always know what to do.

Services tailored

to your needs

Unlatch provides services tailored to your company and its sales volumes. Speak with a member of our team to find out more.

Catherine Galatoire CBO
CBo Territoria is particularly happy to be taking the strategic step of digitising its off-plan sales with Unlatch. It is an important competitive advantage for us, which speeds up our processes and makes exchanges of information between buyers, solicitors and ourselves simpler and more secure. Armed with this new technology, we are now offering buyers an innovative and reassuring customer experience, far removed from the slow and complex purchasing process they had to deal with before.
Catherine Galatoire
Sales Director

Take your property sales to the next level with our services