Digitization of property sales - Unlatch

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Switch to electronic signature for all your contracts.

Unlatch enables you to sign all your documents electronically and send them by electronic registered delivery.

sign all your documents electronically

We have created a solution that simplifies property sales.

Contract automation

We automate your own contract before each sales launch, the seller answers some questions, and the contract is generated instantly.


Electronic signature

Your clients can now sign the off-plan purchase contract or any other document (addendum, quote, etc.) electronically.


Electronic registered delivery

You can trigger buyers' cooling-off period, or send them any other documents, by electronic registered delivery.


Calls for funds

Based on the electronically signed schedule and the progress of construction work, Unlatch automatically generates calls for funds.

Catherine Galatoire CBO
It is an important competitive advantage for us, which speeds up our processes and makes exchanges of information between buyers, solicitors and ourselves simpler and more secure. Armed with this new technology, we are now offering buyers an innovative and reassuring customer experience, far removed from the slow and complex purchasing process they had to deal with before.
Catherine Galatoire
Sales Director, CBO Territoria

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