Is virtual reality the future of real estate?

Is virtual reality the future of real estate?

Andréa Breuvart
5 octobre 2020
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Virtual reality allows you to live an immersive experience in a fictitious reality, elaborated from a 3D plan or a 360° scan. In order to live the experience, the user can use a smartphone, a tablet or a virtual reality headset. 

This technology, initially popular in the video game industry, has proven to be just as relevant to the real estate market. For a few years now, virtual reality has been used to visit new real estate properties by real estate developers. 

Whether it is for leisure or to visit housing, the technology and the operation remain the same. However, in order to make the virtual visit of a property possible, it is necessary to model the property in 3D, either from the plans processed by a software or thanks to the exploitation of 360° photos of the property. In real estate, this technology is mainly used in new construction. The virtual visit is an essential selling point today for marketers and real estate developers, because it can answer questions created by the lack of projection of future buyers of a new property, sold off a plan.

If the fact of buying a new property has many advantages, this purchase has a significant problem on the buyer's side: you don't really know what you're buying. Future buyers visualize their future property on a plan, often in 2D, with virtual images of the future building and photos of the plot. The virtual tour has much more impact, it allows you to see all the corners of the property and to move around in order to apprehend the different spaces. It allows future buyers to imagine themselves int the property.

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Today, few real estate agencies use the visit of new properties via virtual reality, because despite its advantages, it requires the modeling of housing in 3D, this technology is not yet adopted by all real estate developers. 

However, the adoption of this technology tends to become widespread, because professionals in the sector have become aware that it represents a real selling point. 

Here are 5 advantages to visiting a property via virtual reality: Why offer virtual visits to prospects?

The virtual visit of a real estate property appears as a technology impossible to circumvent to adopt, in the sector of the new real estate and is a part of the technologies which shake up the habits of the sector.

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