Why offer virtual visit to prospects ?

Why offer virtual visit to prospects ?

Andréa Breuvart
01 September 2020
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Virtual reality allows you to live an immersive experience in an artificial world, elaborated from a 360° photo. The user can use a smartphone, a tablet or a virtual reality headset. 

In real estate, this technology is mainly used in the new construction sector to create virtual tours of properties not yet delivered. The use of the virtual tour allows future buyers to discover a property while respecting the volume scales, but also to be able to appreciate external elements such as neighbourhood life or the level of sunshine in the property.

Here are 5 advantages to the virtual visit of a property:

1 - It allows future buyers to easily imagine themselves in the property not yet delivered

Indeed, if the fact of buying a new property has many advantages, this purchase has a non-negligible problem on the buyer's side: you don't really know what you're buying. Future buyers visualise their future property on a plan, often on paper and in black and white, with virtual images of the future building and photos of the plot. This lack of factual elements and material can slow down the act of buying for future buyers who need to project themselves into the property they are about to buy. 

The virtual visit of the apartment allows us to answer this problem, by offering the future purchasers a 360° immersive visit in their future housing. In this way, they are able to discover the volumes of the property, to imagine future developments, but also to take into account the dynamics of life in the neighbourhood. So much information, fundamental in a property purchase project, which will reassure the buyer and thus facilitate the act of purchase. 

2 - The virtual visit saves time

Whether on the marketing side or on the side of future buyers, the search for a home takes time. In fact, future buyers are interested in an average of 5 to 7 homes before making a purchase.  This implies travel for the client, but also for the real estate professional. Thanks to the virtual tour of the property, on-site visits are no longer necessary. The future buyers just have to go to the showroom or the sales bubble of the property developer, where they can "visit" several properties, thanks to virtual reality. 

3 - It provides a better user experience

user experience virtual visit real estate

Visiting a property in virtual reality makes it easier for future buyers to project themselves into the property and to understand all the issues of space planning. The customer lives an immersive and personalized experience, which will respond to many stress factors and thus improve his or her buying journey in the new home

4 - The virtual visit of a new property allows you to personalize your home

During the virtual visit of the property, the future buyers will discover the property with the amenities proposed by the property developer. As the property is still under construction, it is possible to make changes at this stage: remove a partition, change a shower into a bathtub, choose a floor, etc. The advantage of making these changes during the construction phase is that future buyers do not have to undergo the work, but can plan them before entering the property, which saves money. 

Moreover, the fact of visiting the property in virtual reality offers the possibility to visualize these modifications, and thus facilitates the decision making of the future buyers.

5 - The virtual visit of a property: transparency 

By visiting the property virtually, future buyers will have no unpleasant surprises on delivery, no opposite parties not mentioned by the property developer, no rounded corners or lost space. Future buyers will know exactly what their future home will look like once construction is complete. 

The future of the virtual tour is underway. More and more developers are integrating this technology into their showrooms and eventually, one can imagine complete catalogues of apartments or houses available for virtual visits. The virtual visit of a new home allows to answer the problems of projection for future buyers and to live a reassuring experience in their journey of buying a property. For professionals, this technology saves time and has become a real selling point. 

The virtual visit of a property is an essential technology to adopt in the new real estate sector and is one of the technologies that are changing the way the sector is used. 

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