New Real Estate CRM: Unlatch's Edge Over Generalist CRMs

New Real Estate CRM: Unlatch's Edge Over Generalist CRMs

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13 march 2024
New Real Estate CRM: Unlatch's Edge Over Generalist CRMs

Integrating a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a strategic decision for any business, but it holds particular significance in the real estate sector. Specialized CRMs like Unlatch offer unique advantages for the real estate industry, especially in managing new real estate projects, compared to generalist CRMs such as Salesforce, Hubspot, or Pipedrive. This article explores the benefits of opting for a real estate-specific CRM, focusing on the advantages of Unlatch, from the listing of a property to the handover of keys.

Deep Understanding of the Real Estate Sector

Designed specifically for new real estate, Unlatch intimately understands the processes and challenges of the industry. This CRM goes beyond mere customer management, covering all stages of the real estate sales cycle, crucial for efficient management of real estate projects.

Management of the Entire Real Estate Sales Cycle

Unlatch provides real estate professionals with a complete sales journey. From the launch of a project's marketing to the handover of keys, each aspect is managed through specialized modules, ensuring a smooth and integrated experience. This all-in-one approach is unprecedented compared to generalist solutions like Salesforce, which often require complex customizations to meet the specific needs of new real estate.

Simplified Integration and Customization

Unlatch stands out for its ease of integration with real estate-specific tools and sector-oriented customization, areas where generalist CRMs like Salesforce can be complex and costly.

Integration with Real Estate-Specific Tools

Unlatch naturally integrates with real estate management software, property listing platforms, and appraisal tools, ensuring data consistency and optimal operational efficiency for new real estate projects.

Sector-Oriented Customization

While Salesforce offers a wide range of customizations, they often require technical expertise and dedicated resources. Unlatch, on the other hand, is already tailored to the demands of new real estate, reducing the need and cost of additional customization.

Reduced Cost and Complexity

Specialized CRMs like Unlatch can be more cost-effective, particularly for small and medium-sized real estate businesses focusing on new properties.

Cost Adapted to the Needs of New Real Estate

Unlatch offers a pricing structure and features suited to the specific needs of new real estate, unlike generalist CRMs, which can lead to unnecessary additional costs for unused features.

Simplification of Processes

With Unlatch, complexity is reduced. Users benefit from an intuitive user interface and features directly linked to their daily activities in new real estate, improving efficiency and reducing training time.

Sector-Specific Support and Training

Unlatch offers support and training specially designed for the real estate sector, a feature rarely found in generalist CRMs.

Expert Support for New Real Estate

Unlatch's customer support is provided by experts familiar with the unique challenges of the new real estate sector, ensuring quick and relevant assistance.

Real Estate-Focused Training Programs

Unlatch's training programs are specifically designed for real estate professionals, ensuring that users fully leverage the CRM's features and effectively apply its tools in their daily practices. These trainings are tailored to maximize understanding and efficiency, making the learning process more relevant and immediately applicable to the real estate sector.

Competitive Advantages of Unlatch

Adopting Unlatch in the new real estate sector brings significant competitive advantages. This specialized CRM offers a deep understanding of the real estate market, enabling users to better meet the specific needs of their clients and stand out in a competitive market.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Thanks to its intuitive interface and tailored features, Unlatch simplifies business processes, allowing for faster and more accurate management of real estate projects. This translates to reduced time spent on administrative tasks and increased focus on value-added activities.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Unlatch enables efficient data collection and analysis, providing valuable insights for decision-making. This includes monitoring market trends, analyzing client preferences, and evaluating the performance of real estate marketing campaigns.

In conclusion, choosing Unlatch as a CRM for new real estate offers distinct advantages over generalist CRMs. Its ability to cover the entire real estate sales journey, its facilitated integration and customization, and its sector-oriented approach make it an invaluable solution for real estate professionals. With its specific training programs and expert support, Unlatch is not just a tool but a strategic partner for success in the complex and competitive world of new real estate.

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