Property developer how to improve your customer satisfaction ?

Property developer how to improve your customer satisfaction ?

Andréa Breuvart
01 September 2020
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In the collective mind, a customer is satisfied with a product or service when they receive what they have paid for and at a price that they consider fair.

Today, customer expectations have evolved, customers always expect more than what they are sold: an available and responsive customer service, a product and/or an offer that can evolve and be adapted to their own needs.

A low price is not enough for customer satisfaction. 

Price differentiation is not sustainable. By reducing prices, the quality of service also decreases in parallel. Customers sometimes prefer to pay more for a higher quality service. 

Improving customer satisfaction has several advantages: 

  • Customers who are satisfied with a service will return to the company that has met their expectations. 
  • A satisfied customer is a customer who will share their good experience with their entourage. What is the best publicity other than a customer who spontaneously decides to praise your services to their relatives? Who, potentially, can become a future customer. Word-of-mouth remains a very important element in the acquisition of new customers.
  • In the digital age, e-reputation is more important than ever. This data is not managed by companies, because it is the customers who will create this e-reputation, based on the experience they have had.

The stakes of customer satisfaction in real estate development

According to a consumer study, only 48% of property buyers are satisfied with their relationship with their developer.

This ratio, which is less than one in two, places the new real estate sector among the bottom of the class in terms of customer satisfaction. 

Lengthy processes, late deliveries, paperwork, lack of communication with the developer, non-compliance with plans ... 

All these elements are detrimental to customer satisfaction in the real estate development industry.

When a client pushes the doors of a property developer, he wants to embark on a project to buy new property. This project is always a major source of anxiety, especially when the client is a first-time buyer because he is investing a large part, if not the majority, of his assets. 

The future buyers want to make the right choices, not to make mistakes in the selection of the developer who realizes their future housing. During this phase of doubt, the client seeks to reassure himself, and to find out about the property developer. 

In a systematic way, the future buyer tends to turn to his entourage for recommendations, but also to the internet (reviews on google, facebook, twitter, etc.).

All sectors combined, consumers are looking for opinions on a product or service on the Internet to reassure themselves when making a purchase. 

Real estate development is no exception to this trend. It is in response to this need for information and feedback from former customers that companies have specialised in customer reviews for the real estate sector.

Solutions to improve property developer customer satisfaction


From the marketing of a real estate program to its delivery, several months pass. A real estate project is often late, rarely in advance and this for many reasons (bad weather, problems with a subcontractor...).

During the phases of property reservation and administrative procedures, the client is in regular contact with the developer. However, once the reservation of the property is finished, it is frequent that the client does not hear from the property developer for several months. 

This lack of communication is often a source of anxiety for the buyer. The questions concerning the purchase of a new property are numerous and very present in the minds of buyers. 

During this phase of construction, the client needs to know where his real estate project stands in order to be reassured. A customer who is informed of the progress of the construction site will not have any - bad - surprises when the property is delivered. 

The Unlatch solution facilitates communication between developers and buyers during the construction phase of the property. 

Digitalization of sales 

In order to reduce the administrative burden represented by the acquisition of a new property, the digitalization of sales appears to be a solution that meets the expectations of customers, but also those of property developers. 

Digital, via online appointment scheduling, digital signature and real-time monitoring of the progress of the real estate project allows a significant time saving in this long acquisition process. 

This time saving allows a better productivity on the developer's side and reduces the stress and annoying factors on the client's side. 

Unlatch offers a solution for the digitalization of real estate sales, simplifying the acquisition process, on the client side, but also on the marketing side. 

Focus on user experience

user experience real estate

Real estate has not stopped evolving in recent years with the arrival of new practices, generally driven by new technologies. 

Numerous start-ups have been created and offer digital solutions for real estate users. 

Solutions such as virtual reality apartment visits or the personalisation of housing on a plan, are centred on the user experience and improve the user experience in the acquisition of a property. 

To improve customer satisfaction in real estate development, taking into account the future buyer's questions is essential in the sales pitch, but also in the offer. The customer must be reassured and informed of the progress of their real estate project, for this, the adoption of digital tools is necessary. 

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