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Real Estate: Towards a digitalization of the sales process

Andréa Breuvart
12 octobre 2020
digitalization of the sales process

For several years now, the real estate sector has been becoming digitized by integrating numerous digital tools into current processes. Every part of the real estate sector has seen itself evolve thanks to new technologies. The digitization of the real estate sector has been driven by young start-ups, which have rethought the uses and processes of the sector, integrating technological solutions to reduce the pain points encountered by users of the sector. This digitization of the sector is intended to make the world of real estate more fluid, more productive but also more environmentally friendly. 

Whether it is for the construction part, the property search or the sales process, each step in the construction - the sale and maintenance of a property - has been rethought, modernized and digitized by newcomers, grouped under the term Proptech.

In order to respond to this "pain point", caused by the slowness and administrative burden of a real estate transaction, we have designed an innovative solution to simplify, accelerate and digitalize a real estate sale. The digitization of the sales process is an innovation in the real estate sector, supported by the use of new technologies such as electronic signature or electronic registered mail. This new sales process responds to the problems of all those involved in a real estate sale: sellers, buyers, notaries and property marketers in particular

The Unlatch solution gives its user access to a real estate CRM, which allows to manage easily and quickly its real estate portfolio, as well as its customer portfolio. The use of a real estate CRM allows to carry out actions in real time and therefore more precise. In addition, the solution also integrates a dashboard, on which statistics concerning the real estate sales realized are available thanks to the use of business intelligence. These analyses of sales and actions carried out allow the solution user to better understand the state of his portfolio, as well as to identify the elements that have triggered a real estate sale.

digitalization of sales process

After the prospecting and negotiation phase, the real estate professional can send all the documents related to the real estate sale to the future buyers via the Unlatch solution. Indeed, the purchasers have a space dedicated to them, on which they have access at any time, to the documents relating to the acquisition of their future property, but also have access to information about the progress of the work communicated by the developer. This digitization of documents, combined with the use of electronic signature and electronic registered mail, allows a considerable time saving with regard to the administrative part of the sale of a property. The information is centralized, secure and can be consulted at any time from a computer or smartphone. 

Throughout the sales process, the property developer and/or marketer can simply communicate with future buyers from the platform. This proximity and ease of contact between seller and buyer made possible by digital technology helps to reassure future buyers and significantly improve customer satisfaction. Indeed, the purchase of a property can be a source of stress and anxiety for future buyers. This problem is reduced by the time saving, the simplicity of communication and the transparency made possible through the use of Unlatch.

The Unlatch software was created based on the observation that the transaction of a property is a long process, with administrative procedures, which can be a source of stress for future buyers as well as for professionals in the sector. The digitalization of the sales process speeds up the real estate transaction, simplifies it, facilitates communication between sellers and buyers and also improves customer satisfaction.

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