Real estate software, why deprive yourself of it ?

Real estate software, why deprive yourself of it ?

Andréa Breuvart
Andréa Breuvart
Digital marketing officer at unlatch
01 September 2020
real estate software

Real estate software is software that will allow you to organize and structure your work actions; but also to better think about your real estate marketing. 

The fields of action of real estate software are vast. Programs can accompany you, from the putting properties up for sale, to the signature of the reservation contract. More and more, these softwares also allow a better communication with the customers and a better follow-up of the workflow.  The objective of these programs is to simplify your daily actions, to make you gain in productivity, but also to allow you to carry out more targeted actions. 

As for any software and tool used in our business, it is important to identify the needs you have related to your professional activity, and especially the expectations you have towards this real estate software, in order to select a software that will be relevant in your situation. The real estate software must have intuitive ergonomics and be easy to use, so that its use is not perceived as a constraint, but rather as an indispensable tool.

Real estate software will allow you to facilitate your daily tasks

For each real estate business, a typology of real estate software will be relevant. 

Whether you are a real estate developer, a co-ownership manager or a real estate marketer, the use of a real estate software will allow you to gain in productivity on specificities of your profession. 

Certain recurring tasks, carried out manually, can be automated. These automations are numerous: management of the customer portfolio via a CRM, multi-distribution of sales announcements on different portals, automatic distribution of information to tenants via a co-living application, etc.

These tools make it possible to automate processes and thus save time. 

real estate software

Real estate software allows you to target actions 

Real estate software will save you time by automating time-consuming tasks.

This time saving will allow you to analyze your actions and therefore to carry out more relevant actions. 

For real estate developers and marketers, the use of a real estate CRM appears to be necessary. It allows them to carry out precise and relevant commercial actions and to gain productivity.  Real estate CRM can be accompanied by real estate transaction software, allowing them to digitize all their real estate transactions.

The Unlatch solution is a complete solution for real estate developers and marketers and covers the entire sales cycle on a single platform. The solution is equipped with a real estate CRM as well as a real estate sales follow-up interface.

Real estate software helps improve customer satisfaction 

Real estate software and technological innovations in real estate allow real estate professionals to save time by being more productive. 

This time saving is beneficial for the professional, but also for the client, future buyer. Indeed, the professional is more available for their client / prospect and is therefore able to give them more attention. 

Real estate software also benefits customers and prospects who will be able to have a more fluid user experience, especially in a digitalized buying process or in the relationship with its developer. 

Software is a necessary tool for the work of real estate professionals.  There are many real estate software programs for each of the professions in this sector. Their use brings benefits to their users, but also to their customers. In order to choose the right real estate software, it is important to identify beforehand the difficulties of your activity as well as those encountered by your customers in order to choose the software that will bring you many benefits. 

andrea Breuvart unlatch
Andréa Breuvart
Digital marketing officer at unlatch
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